We all know that when a party goes down, there's fun to be had. And a photo booth can help capture those fun moments. Here at Booth PIX, we always try and make a photo booth to match your theme and specifications. 

The first place of customisation is your background. It can make a big difference to the photos. Having a bright background that fits in with the colour scheme adds to the atmosphere of the of the event, and generally will fit in with people costumes if it is a themed party. We also can have lace patterns for weddings, printed fabrics to fit in with a theme and even sparkly background look good with formal affairs.  

This leads to the content of your photos, you and your guests. Everyone puts in a lot of effort to dress us and make themselves look good for parties. Everyone has their own style and that shows in every shoot that I do. But adding props always adds an element that brings out different things in everyone. With every event where props are hired, you will be provided with "standard" photo booth props (moustaches and lips) but we go out and find props that fit in with your theme. Whether those props are hat, glasses or feather boas we always endeavour to find props that will fit in with your party.


After photos are taken, the photos are then printed onto strips (if required). The layout and design can be customised to your specification if you purchase the gold or platinum party packs. This means that you can have backgrounds, borders, corporate logos or just the date. It's really up to you when it comes to the design of the printouts.

So when you are planning a party, you can come to us and discuss your needs. We can find a plan and customise a booth to suit your needs.