When planning for a wedding, it always seems like there are a million things to do. The reality is, that there are a million little things to prepare. Wedding reception location, wedding rings, bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen suits, wedding car, menus, wedding band and the the big, white dress. Oh, and then there is the wedding photographer. That then opens up another can of worms. There are a plethora of wedding photographers in Melbourne (where we are based) and it can be hard to pick the right one. You need to ask some important questions...

  • Do they have multiple options available? Sometimes you need full coverage for your perfectly planned day or sometimes you need reduced coverage for simple wedding photography.
  • Do they organise printing or do they just give you the files? Better photography studios will have options to provide both digital files and provide high quality prints. More established photographers will have industry links that will be able to provide high quality prints.
  • Do they have a folio? In an age where anyone can get an SLR camera and start a Facebook page, good wedding photographers will have a folio of wedding photos that will show the quality that the photographer's experience can produce.
  • What is the photographer's personality? Good photographers will have a pre-wedding consultation and you need to pay attention to their personality. You need a photographer that is friendly and isn't going to drive you crazy, but at the same time you need someone who can give orders to the hoard of family members who will line up in countless photos.
  • Do they have industry links? Established wedding photographers will know people in the industry. Most pop-up photographers don't know anyone or have had formal training. There is nothing wrong asking about a photographer's credentials during a consultation. Good wedding photographers will know photo booth operators (like us), cake decorators, gown shops, shoot locations and will be able to talk shop with the bride.

After all of this, I would recommend that you look through a lot of wedding photographers and talk to them. This isn't an exhaustive list when looking for good photographers, but it's a start. I would recommend that you have a look at our new photography partners, Natasha Kathlene Photography at www.natashakathlene.com.au. They will be able to give you some great advice in choosing a wedding photographer in Melbourne and offer you a great wedding package.

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