Terms & Conditions

When booking is made, a deposit of $150 is to paid. If the booking is cancelled, that deposit is forfeited. The balance of the payment is to be 14 days before the event.  In the case where the event is within 30 days, the $150 deposit is required immediately to secure a booking. In the case where the event is within 7 days, a full payment is required to secure your booking.

Payment can be made by:

  • Bank Deposit (Details for EFT on invoice)
  • PayPal (Please inform us and we will send you a PayPal compatible invoice) 
  • Credit Card (Taken either on the phone or online via invoice) 
  • Cheque (Please inform us and we will send you the details) 

A refundable bond of $300 will be taken on the night. This can be made with cash or credit card and will be refunded at the end of the night. This is to cover any damages made to equipment while the booth is in operation. The customer will be liable for all damages made to equipment and will be invoiced after the event if the $300 bond does not cover the cost of damages. The invoice for damages will be payable within 7 days. Overdue Payments will incur a late fee.

We require 1 hour before the event to set up our equipment at your event location. We generally require 2m x 3m space to work in and we will adjust our equipment layout so be suit the needs of your location. We take about 1 hour to pack up our equipment.

As part of the service provided, photos can be provided to you in the following ways: 

The method of distribution will be determined through the package bought and the preferences of the customer. Any person who enters the Booth automatically gives consent to having their photo published online. Please discuss your needs before the event as to not hold up the publishing of photos. On the DVD, there are edited high quality photos as well as web quality photos with a watermark. It is a condition that all photos shared online (unless otherwise granted by Booth PIX) contain the Booth PIX watermark.

We reserve the right at any time to dismantle and remove the photo booth if we deem it is dangerous for our staff or there is a chance that the booth may be damaged, whole hire amount will still be forfeited. Customers will be liable for damages caused to the booth during a function. All photos taken at part of a Booth PIX photo booth remain the property of Booth PIX. A limited licence is granted to the customer to use, display, publish and edit the files provided as the customer see fit unless it conflicts with the conditions above. In the case of sickness or unforeseen event which prevent Booth PIX staff from providing the agreed services will result in a full refund made to the customer within 14 days after the event. 

Customers agree to these terms and conditions of the Booth PIX booths on payment of deposit. 

(Updated 28 April 2016)